27 mars 2015

WIP : Travelling People, Jugglers and Acrobats (VALDEMAR) PART I

Just some pictures of the finished first figures from the Valdemar set "Travelling People, Jugglers and Acrobats" (for seeing the whole set : link  )
EDIT: sculpted of course by Alex Gussev ..
Resin (yeah !), acrylic paint and washes (Revell and Citadel)

More to come ... I hope !

14 mars 2015

not from me : some nice conversions of a Forum member

.. like I've not a lot of work to show at this moment, I take advantage for posting some pictures of Arlin (aka "hodude") a Member-friend of Benno's Figures Forum .
As he doesn't have a blog (or something similar), he asked me (some times ago ... oups!) if I could post the pictures for him on the forum .... so I've decided to post them on my blog first !!!

Now, that's done!

Imex figures from different sets ...