31 janvier 2019

WIP - Not one but two buildings !

The revival is on the good way I think ! 
I've almost finished 2 Old West Buildings from
 "Green Line" from this range. 
Honesty I'm not very satisfied with those buildings ... too much pain to build and paint them. 
I confess that I'm not a good model-builder but the notices are not "very easy" to  understand and a lot of parts are very breakable... 
For me the more I can say is "You build a part, you break another part" ...
And paint is a pain... 
so I'm not very satisfied with MY work but I'm sure that YOU could be !   
Nevertheless, they will take place in Tombstown. 
Next time, maybe, I will buy some Old West buildings from
They are good ones and perfect for my building skill !
Also, I've cut pieces on horses for getting some "naked horses" 
because I intend to build a corral, so I need horses ! 
Let's see the pictures !

And many thanks for all your comments on my last post ! 

09 janvier 2019

REVIVAL ... maybe ?

Hi old fellows ! 
I've just begun to work at my new Hobby-place ! 
No figures yet... just doing some changes on buildings for my old Western-Town ! 
I want to install a scenery of Tombstone in my new showcase...
and building a new one from "Green-Line Livery Stable"
(and I must say that I definitively hate to built ! Unfortunately, I've another to do .. )

Well .. some pictures ?
let's go ! 

to be continued...