25 avril 2012

"Give me the Ring, Bilbo!" (Part 1: GW 28mm)

Here's another little work with 2 figures from Games Workshop.
Always LOtR: it's my preferred subject!
I've a second part in preparation, but I must have more time to finish it, I hope that I'll be able to show it soon!

Voici un autre petit travail avec 2 figurines de Games Workshop.
Toujours le SdA: c'est mon sujet préféré!
J'ai une deuxième partie en cours de préparation, mais il me faut plus de temps pour la terminer, j'espère que je serai capable de le montrer bientôt!

24 avril 2012

OLD W.I.N-P. !!! "WAGON TRAIN" (AIRFIX) and more...

Another "old work in no-progress" !!
I've begun to realize a dio one year ago (AVRIL 2010) but I've never had enough courage to finish it... even if a second almost finished part is on a corner of my painting table!
Honestly, painting AIRFIX figures is not very fun, but the wagon was more pleasant to do!
I've added some accessories on its sides and I've glued some paper on the roof canvas for the texture.

Un autre "ancien travail en non-progrès"!
J'ai commencé à réaliser un dio il y a un an (avril 2010), mais je n'ai jamais eu le couragede le finir ... même si une deuxième partie presque complète est en attente sur ​​un coin de ma table de peinture!
Honnêtement, peindre des figures AIRFIX n'est pas très amusant, mais le wagon était plus agréable à faire !
J'ai ajouté quelques accessoires sur les côtés et j'ai collé du papier  sur la toile de toit pour la texture.

 And more??
I've begun 2 buildings:
1-the "Gold Rush Saloon" from the Famous   Dr Willet's Workshop:
 (a little too big for 1/72 but it's a kind of work I've never did!)

2- a (not easy to do!) Paper-card model from the nice
Mauther of  the blog "Papermau" :

3-some figures almost finished.... but it's a secret yet!
(I hope that the surprise will be Great!)

13 avril 2012

HOW I DO........ a quick scenery!

Maybe it could be useful to show "how I do" my quick sceneries 
before I take  the pictures ....

I don't do dios at each time I paint a figure or a range one, I just choose the better pictures and then crop them with "Microsoft Picture Manager" (but I can use Photobucket too...), 
it gives a  lot of possibilities: large plans, closed pictures, etc.....
Then I choose the background (I have a lot ready, all found on the web) and put it on the "photos-box" search all the material that I need in my reserve (like rocks, fine sands, natural plants/ lichens / moss .... or ready-made artificial one that I've bought.
I place each piece on the ground and then add the figures.
If necessary, I hide the bases with the sand like in this example.

1-The pictures:
 2-The scenery: other example:
( with the same picture and using the Photobucket tools):

 Click on a picture to see larger ones

all comments are free, welcome and without "Blogger robot-fighter"!

07 avril 2012

(WIP) Order Knights ("Pilgrims in the Holyland" - part II) -STRELETS

...... second part of the "big" project :"Pilgrims in the Holyland" .
(see first part HERE )
All the figures are from STRELETS .
The Order Knights come from different sets .... difficult to say exactly which ones because I've chosen the figures which were interesting for making this little range of marching knights!
2 horses are the ones to who I've added the blankets (see HERE), but honesty it's not a master-work!!!!!!

Like always, REVELL acrylic paint and GW washes .


...... seconde partie de la "grande" du projet: «Pèlerins dans la Terre Sainte". (voir première partie ICI) 
Toutes les figurines proviennent de STRELETS.

Les Chevaliers (Hospitaliers et Templiers)  proviennent de différents sets .... difficile de dire exactement lesquels, parce que j'ai choisi les figurines qui étaient intéressantes pour la réalisation de ce petit ensemble de Chevaliers en marche !

2 chevaux sont ceux à qui j'ai ajouté les couvertures (voir ICI), mais honnêtement,
ce n'est pas un chef-d'œuvre!!

Comme toujours: peinture acrylique lavages REVELL et GW.

And a little picture....

.... and a little song:
(Rickie Lee Jones:"My FunnyValentine" (live) )

03 avril 2012

Teutonics Knights (ITALERI)

It's a "very old work"!!! 
I've painted this set in 2010 with the help of members (God bless them all!) in a Group Build on Benno's forum , and it's my really first work!
I saw the Teutonics painted by Bruno "Lonewolf's Welten" (HRB..: "Highly Recommended Blog") and I think it's time to have a small walk in the origins of my world!
(I add a link to the: GB Teutonics Gallery )

pictures are not very good, but I don't have time to do other ones!