28 mars 2020

Hobbits (Mithril) : preview of the last conversion .

Mithril again .. Hobbit always !
I'm quite satisfied with this difficult conversion...
Have I said that I've no more ideas ? ... er.... maybe it's the last one.... wait and see...

But I've a handful of Hobbits which are almost finished... Stay uned
And of course : 

Take care of you, of your family and of everybody !
Stay at home and paint or anything else. 

 The bird (I suppose it's a falcon .. ) and the arm comes from this set :

24 mars 2020

Hobbits Fighters #4 W.I.P.

I think that I've done the last conversions for the moment.
I would like to do some more but I've no new idea !
And, of course, I must paint them before doing something new.

Some years ago, I wanted to paint all the Mithril's Hobbits I had.
Maybe I will try to do that now ?
Not impossible, and a great challenge.

Of course, do like me :
Stay at home and be careful with you, your family and your friends. 

So I've those 3 little fellows to paint now ... 

20 mars 2020

Hobbit Fighters #3 Bowman I

a new conversion for a new Hobbit Fighter !
I'm not accustomed to do conversions but I can say that it's a bloody work !
Cutting all those bods for having small parts of them is quite cruel  ...
Anyway ... I've done and it's too late to go back ...

Let's talk Pictures :


After priming the bowman (or Bowhalfling ? ) it's a little bit "rustic", isn't it ? 

.... another Hobbit Bowman is on the table ... stay tuned ...

17 mars 2020

Hobbits Fighters #2

Hi !
I continue my quest for Hobbit Fighters ... small conversions on those ones.
I didn't start the creation of an unit of Bow-halfmen but it's in the pipeline.
I've tried to bought some others figures on ebay but it's difficult for some sellers to send them. 
Well ... I will be waiting for better times.
And don't forget to take care of you and your family.

I add those Hobbits fighters ( Mithril M61),
on the left, mine who have been painted some years ago (no conversions )
on the right, the same with conversions generously offered by a Member of a forum dedicated to Mithril figures.
I'm impressed with the work he have done !
I like the hats with feathers on them and I'm searching for a way to add some on the next Fighters. ( maybe the Bowmen unit ?)  

That's all folks ...

07 mars 2020

Hobbits Hobbits Hobbits .... who wants to fight ??

After the creation of the first unit of Hobbits Fighters 
it seems that the fame of those little fellows has  reached some other Hobbits in the Shire.
Another unit has been created !
They don't have their colours yet but 
here's a preview of the new "Purple Guards"  

Minor conversions of  Mithril  M287 : Sam & Frodo  
and Mithril MB396 : Shelob's Lair (Frodo and Sam only) . 

My big challenge is to create some Hobbits Bowmen ...

05 mars 2020

Hobbit Fighters #2 : "The Purple Guard" ....

Hey Gentlemen ! I've just finished to paint my Hobbit Fighters !
They are the guys of "The Purple Guard of The Shire" commonly called "The Purples" .

They are all courageous Hobbits and very well trained for fighting,  without any fear about the worse guys they can encounter in the Shire !
Even a Ringwraith is not a problem at all ...

(all figures are 32mm scale from Mithril Miniatures - The Nazgul is M349 "The Ringwraith in The Shire" - The Hobbits are from different sets ... )

 [ They are my first complete figures painted in 2020 ! ]