17 juillet 2014

"Room, sweet Room" !!

Hi everybody !
you know what ?
I'm Back !!
....after more than 1 month without blogging and more without painting !
I'm in a new life, a new home,
and in a new Hobby Room, of course!
It was the last room of the house that I've managed to arrange.
now, it's done, but it's very difficult to paint again,
but I will do !

In the same time, I was out the Blog-World and I apologize for that.
But I will try to read and comment your posts, all my faithful followers and friends.
(for some of you, I will have a lot to see: isn't it, my dear Jay ?)

Some pictures of the Room :

in the beginning ...

.... it was the Chaos

so I seat down and thought about what I could do

and it was then better !

ready for the job !

for the sceneries and so long

done and to be done !