29 novembre 2013


I've painted the second dwarf of the M306 "Dwarvish Travellers" to complete the little scene which can be seen here : "Dwarves Travellers and Pony"
and that's the End of Dwarvember , the most "dwarvisish" month that I've ever seen !!

December will be a Christmas Month, so I'm sure that you all have your own project for it.
I've no project in mind (and on the desk! ) this year  but who knows ?

If you want you can take part to the  Stéphane/Mehapito's challenge:
"Sapin de Noël"("Au Bord du Fleuve")
and don't forget :

Have Fun !!

27 novembre 2013

22 novembre 2013


My entry for the 3rd week of Dwarvember :
4 dwarves from Caesar Miniatures in 1/72 

The runes on the banner mean: "Dwarf Power !"
Les runes sur la banière disent : "Les Nains au Pouvoir  !"

Like Peter has suggested me in my precedent post, I add some pictures to compare both Dark Alliance and Caesar Dwarves. The DA are a little bit taller than the Casear but they could fit well. (I've just noticed that Peter is painting the Caesar Dwarves too !!! look here :
it's Dwarvember everywhere! )

Comme Peter me l'a suggéré dans mon précédent post, je rajoute quelques photos pour comparer à la fois les Nains Dark Alliance et Caesar . Les DA sont un peu plus grands que les Caesar mais ils pourraient aller assez bien ensemble.
(Je viens de m'apercevoir que Peter peint les Nains Caesar également!  regardez ici
  c'est "Dwarvember" partout)

Dark Alliance      Caesar

The Last Dwarf will be shown the 30th of Dwarvember

16 novembre 2013

****** DWARVEMBER ******** PART 2 **********

Hello !
Do you know that November is "DWARVEMBER" ???
If you don't, look at "The Quick and the Zed" !!!!
The challenge of Blaidd Drwg is this one :
" November 1st is the official start of Dwarvember 2013
The ground rules for Dwarvember 2013 are pretty simple; participants need to paint at least one dwarf miniature per week, with finish and reveal deadlines falling on each Saturday of the month of November, starting with Saturday the 9th, followed by the 16th, 23rd, and 30th. The dwarves can be from either Fantasy or Science Fiction ( Grymn, ForgeFathers, Squats, etc.).  "
Like I've post my MITHRIL "Dwarvish Travellers" at the beginning of the month, I've proposed to participate at this funny challenge !!

My second entry is 2 dwarves from Dark Alliance in 1/72.


Savez-vous que Novembre est "DWARVEMBER"??
Si vous ne le faites pas, regardez
"The Quick and the Zed"!!
Le défi de Blaidd Drwg (? Gallois) est celui-ci:

"Le 1er Novembre est le début officiel de Dwarvember 2013.
Les règles de base pour Dwarvember 2013 sont assez simples, les participants doivent peindre au moins une figurine de nain par semaine, avec échéances chaque samedi du mois de Novembre

à partir de samedi 9, suivi par les 16, 23, et 30. Les nains peuvent être de Fantasy ou de Science-Fiction (Grymn, ForgeFathers, les squats, etc.) "

Comme j'ai posté mes Mithril "Dwarvish Travellers" au début du mois, j'ai proposé de participer à ce défi amusant!
Ma deuxième entrée est 2 nains de Dark Alliance en 1/72.

..... some more dwarves the next Saturdays ..... to be follow !

10 novembre 2013


Today was the deadline of my blog-anniversary-give-away (here)
and the words of the "magic-hat" are :

Update with the choices :
1-David (Lead Warriors)  : #4 Boromir
2-Phil ("Association les Riflemens") #2 Thorin Oakenshield with Orcrist
3-Jan Ferris (Ye-Olde-Site-Of-Curiosities) ???
4-Peter (Peter's Cave )   Secret figure !
5-Francis Lee ( The Angry Lurker) #5 Mounted Nazgul
 CONGRATS TO ALL OF THEM and many thanks for those who bought a ticket,
and also welcome to the new followers !

Now you have just to choose your MITHRIL  figure in this serie , email me your choice (list of 2 or 3) and your address.... that's all !
(Peter: not necessary to choose one.... I've a "special" for you !)

1- M89 : Beorning Lord
2-M229 : Thorin Oakenshield (Phil)
3- M125 : Gandalf
4-M128 : Boromir (David)
5-M146 : Mounted Nazgul (Francis)
6- MC40 : Anborn & Gollum
8-M137 : Celeborn
9-M234 : Thranduil
10-M126 : Legolas

(all the miniatures come unpainted, without paint and brushes, etc..... !!!!!!!!)

UPDATE / I've removed the 7# because my collector friend, Séverine, doesn't have it, so I can't give this figure for the give-away ... I'm sorry but I'm sure that you will understand. Thanks !
(no change for the others they are all available!)

MISE A JOUR / J'ai enlevé le 7 # parce que mon ami collectionneur, Séverine, ne l'a pas, donc je ne peux pas donner ce chiffre pour le give-away ... Je suis désolé mais je suis sûr que vous comprendrez. Merci!
(pas de changement pour les autres: ils sont tous disponibles!)

06 novembre 2013


I've painted those MITHRIL figures in the past weeks (between painting some buildings.....)
I've added for the scene a Grenadier Pony (bought on ebay with some other Mithril figures).
The Dwarf on the left is a part of the rare set "Dwarvish Travellers" (M306) and the one on the right is M163 "Dwarven Adventurer". I think that I will paint the second dwarf of M306 but I don't know when .... could be good for a little scene in "The Misty Mountains" ....

J'ai peint ces figurines Mithril dans les semaines passées (entre la peinture de quelques bâtiments .....)
J'ai ajouté à la scène un poney de Grenadier (acheté sur ebay avec d'autres figurines Mithril).
Le nain sur la gauche fait partie d'un set de 2 nains
,( "Dwarvish Travellers" M306) et celui de droite est "L'aventurier Nain" ("Dwarven Adventurer" M163) . Je pense que je vais peindre le deuxième nain de M306 mais je ne sais pas quand .... il pourrait convenir pour une petite scène dans "Les Monts Brumeux" ....

.... and don't forget : it's not too late if you want to win a Mithril Figure ! It's here :
2 + 60 000 + 56 + 123 + 190 +3 +2 = October Celebration !!! ( and a give-away !!)

02 novembre 2013

MEDIEVAL HOUSES and promote blogs Give-away !

Hi !!
After the two "Scottish Houses", I've painted two Medieval Houses from the same manufacturer (Ebob miniatures   ) I've learned that in fact those buildings are manufactured by "Vatican Enterprise" and can be found directly here : Wargamescenics (US).

I can't say if they are better for 1/72 or 25/28mm: I let you make your own opinion ! (look the last photos)
Very pleasant to paint but I've some difficulties with the wood. I'm not satisfied with the usual more-less-brown that I have when I paint wood. I know that it's the wrong colour because it's not the main color in the reality! So I've tried to do a sort of  grey-brown wood. More satisfying, but not exactly what I want. Another problem when I paint is that I can't remember exactly all the colors and the steps I've used, so I've some difficulties to reproduce the same method when I'm satisfied with a result... (........................................ no comment .....................................................................................)

1-The large Medieval House :
unpainted model

2- The Small Medieval House :
3-with figures :
30mm Mithril
1/72 Vikings

4-Now, I've some medieval buildings for .... err.... I don't know ! 

.... and the blogs Give-away ?
1-on "Sam's Minis World"  (hé! hé!): Some more tickets to buy !! 5 Mithril figures to win !!!
I have still 22 entries ... and you have more than one week to join us !
click here: "Blogiversary" 

2- also at Loki's Great Hall for the 200 followers ! If you want to win a superb Viking Warlord.... you know what to do !

That's all folks ....