25 mai 2015

"Pioneers and Pilgrims" IMEX 521 / IMEX 516 -Part I

I don't paint a lot but I paint !
I'm working on both sets of IMEX :
 "American Pioneers" (516) and
 "Pilgrims" (521)
I've just finished the women and some children .
Next part will be the animals and then the men...

20 mai 2015

Medieval Market-Stand (TOMA'S Miniatures)

I apologize to be almost out the blogosphere since a long time : very busy I am ...
I don't paint a lot too ...

Those little set has been finished some weeks ago, and I've had no time to post the pictures before .

Toma sculpts excellent figures, especially for the medieval period, but not only : his Indians and buffaloes are awesome too ! (I've them but didn't paint them... maybe later ?)
(blog: Toma's Minis World )

(bad !) Pictures !!