28 août 2013

Laser-cut Barn / Stable 28mm - (Conversion)-

After the Zvezda "Thatched Country House"
and all the problems that I've had to build it, I was very motivated to build another model which was waiting in my "to-do" pile !
I was not very enthusiast about "laser-cut" but like I'm curious, I've bought ... 2 models!
the barn that I will show here and a medieval house .... maybe for another time ...

The model assembled (something easy !):

Beautiful, isn't it ?

I didn't take pictures of all the steps of the conversion... sorry!
I've just used wood coffee-sticks and matches (big ones), and glue! that's all .

one wall is moved in the middle and I've done a new framework

I've cute a part of the roof and cover all with planks

some paint and a simple wash on the wood:

et voilà !

perfect for the Hobbits !
Sam and Bill's stable !

25 août 2013

ZVEZDA 8532 : " Thatched Country House " (conversion)

Hello !
After a break of one week (Scouts Camp), I'm back with a new building.
ZVEZDA  " Thatched Country House "

In fact, I've tried to build this "puzzle kit" from A to Z but I was not able to finish it: 
the roof is an incredible multi-parts model !! The main parts of the roof were not glued at the good size and I couldn't assemble the whole roof.... 

Even the walls are "multi-parts" !! You must cut the holes for the doors and the windows, cut and glue all the wooden parts , the only thing that I've found fun because it allows me to "customize" the house !

you can see the different parts of the walls...
ready to paint (ouf!)

....and the house without roof :

What could I do with that ???
Making a new roof !!!
(I don't have pictures of the step-by-step, sorry... I've used cardboard and tree foliage)
And here is "my" house :

A perfect house for hobbits, no ?

.... next time: a conversion of a cheap (and awful!) laser cut  model !!

17 août 2013

PROJECT HOBBITS (6) : Merry and Pippin (MITHRIL)

I don't care and I've paint 2 sets with the same characters !
Like they are famous in the LoTR saga, I don't think it's not necessary to add more!
(and I'm too lazy and tired this night for a long speech!)

It's an example of the variety of the the MITHRL figures:
I've counted around 5 Merry, Pippin, 10 Frodo, 11 Sam and 12 Bilbo!

The first set is M129

The second set is M290 :

 2 Merry and  2 Pippin for the same price :

.... and like nobody seems to have notice it, 
I insist on the fact that for all those hobbits 
I've attempt to paint the eyes with more or less success ...
.... et comme personne ne semble l'avoir remarqué , 
J'insiste sur le fait que, pour tous ces hobbits
J'ai tenté de peindre les yeux ..... avec plus ou moins de succès ..

.....some more to come !

14 août 2013

PROJECT HOBBITS (5) / Farmer Maggot - The Gaffer (MITHRIL)

Another part of the project! an interesting character  of  LoTR !

Farmer Maggot and his dogs (M348)

Well known for the quality of his mushrooms (a very appreciated dish of the Hobbits !) stolen many years ago by Frodo sometimes, Maggot is also reputed for his dogs. In "reality" he has 3 dogs but there's only 2 on the set.
In LoTR, he welcomes the 3 hobbits, Frodo, Sam and Pippin when they leave  the Shire for Rivendell and and even took them with his wagon to the ferry to meet Merry, and he even gives Frodo as a parting gift, a whole basket full of mushrooms!
And when the Nightwraith comes to his house, searching for "Baggins", he and his dogs are terrified but he doesn't give any information !
He is also in relationship with Tom Bombadil and gives him some informations about the Hobbits ...
 (Mrs Maggot is from another set: LR.26)

 Bien connu pour la qualité de ses champignons (un plat très apprécié des Hobbits!), volés parfois par Frodon il y a de nombreuses années  , Le Père Maggotte est également réputé pour ses chiens. Dans la «réalité», il dispose de 3 chiens, mais il y an a uniquement 2 dans le set.
Dans le SdA, il accueille les 3 Hobbits, Frodon, Sam et Pippin quand ils vivaient le Shire pour Fondcombe et les emmènent avec son chariot vers le bac  pour rencontrer Merry, il donne à Frodo en cadeau d'adieu d'un panier tout plein de champignons!
Et quand le Cavalier Noir vient à sa maison, à la recherche de "Sacquet", lui et ses chiens sont effrayés ! (pas comme dans la version de PJ!).

Il est aussi en relation avec Tom Bombadil à qui il donne quelques nouvelles des Hobbits.
 (Mme Maggotte provient d'un autre set: LR26)

and just for the fun:

 The Gaffer (part of LR 27)

Strange name ... but in fact it's just the father of Sam : Hamfast "Gaffer" Gamgee !
He doesn't appear a lot in the book, but he's important for Sam who quote him many times!
He is a reputed gardener and a wise man, he was in charge of Bilbo's garden and later, his son Sam Gamgee is in charge of Frodo's Garden .... you know what happened after!

 Drôle de nom ... mais en fait c'est juste le père de Sam: Hamfast "Gaffer" Gamgee !
Il n'apparait pas beaucoup dans le livre, mais il est important pour Sam qui le cite à plusieurs reprises!
Il est un jardinier réputé et un homme sage, il était chargé du jardin de Bilbo et, plus tard, son fils Sam Gamegie est chargé du Jardin de Frodon .... vous savez ce qui s'est passé ensuite!

 That's all folks ! some more to come soon !!

12 août 2013

REVIEW 10 / Corgi Junior Wild West

I just want to show a little collection of toys :
There is not a lot of stuff in this range, but they are nice !
I'm not sure that it could be used with 1/72 figures : they are too small !
Maybe with Ho or smaller ....

1- train:
 a small set with a locomotive and 2 different wagons :

2-Stage Coach :

3-Old West City:
I've seen them only 1 time on e-bay and... I've bought them!

4-Only 2 toys are missing in my collection:
The Wagon Train (very rare) and the Steamboat. I hope to find them ...

Nice toys !

It's possible that I try to paint the town, they could be useful for sceneries...

J'ai une petite collection de jouets "Corgi Junior Wild West".

1 loco et 4 wagons (qui existent en 2 modèles)
1 diligence
et surtout la ville de l'Ouest qui semble très très rare: c'est la seule fois où je l'ai vue sur e-bay et j'ai eu la chance de remporter les enchères à un prix à peu près correct.
Il me manque le rare "Wagon Train" (charriot) et le bateau à vapeur.
Peu compatible ave le 1/72, peut-être pour le Ho voire plus petit ?
J'espère compléter la collection !

J'ai dans l'idée de peindre les batiments de la ville: ils pourraient convenir à des mises en scène..