27 octobre 2019

ORCTOBER : Orcs Catapult with a War Troll ( Dark Alliance)

In the delay for this challenge !

Dark Alliance 72034 "Orc Catapult" + 1 Troll from the set 72031 War Trolls (set 2)

You know what ?
It seems that I'm unable to build correctly a model even with only 6 pieces !!!!!!!!! 

For the orcs, I don't know why but one of the figures is missing. An the one with the whip is not good ...
I've sold one sprue of the box, possibly I've made a mistake ?
So I didn't have the sitting orc for the catapult ...

Nevertheless,I'm quite happy to have painted a whole set of figures in a so short time !
Not a great paint job but I've decided that they were finished...

Let's go for the pictures !

... and a second post in a month !! 
It seems that I'm the good way ! 
More to come very soon ! 


17 octobre 2019

Tombstown A western Town

Hi !

I wanted to post some pictures of TOMBSTOWN, my western Town... didn't find time to do before !
I've done only a scenery in a large showcase , it can change when I want and when I've some more figures to put in it.

Let's go !