09 juillet 2020

MITHRIL M192 : HUNDIN, Bandit Chief (with his Lady M194 : Female Bandit.)

I've just finished some figures started a few weeks ago ! 
I begin with a bandit :
M192: Hundin, Bandit Chief... perfect to go with his "Lady"  
M194: Female Bandit  painted some time ago !
They are both ex-Gondorians, converted as Bandits in Tir Limlight *.(MERP Creation )
Logically, I could paint both other bandits from M193 ... later maybe ? 
Note that the Band is supposed to count 7 outlaws ... I'm sure it's possible to find 3 other figures to complete the " bandits fellowship of Tir Limlight  *"...  

* Tir Limlight is a fictive castle in the South of the Fangorn Forest, near the river of the same name (which really exist in the Tolkien's universe). Perfectly placed on the road from North to South and the great River Anduin. Merchants, travellers, etc... but also orcs, give  sufficient potential victims for the Bandits ! Hundin is using an Orc scimitar, wear a bag from Laketown, the Lady has a northman style bow and a Sagath style quiver and dagger ) 

Ready for pictures ? 
let's go !

Coming soon... stay tuned ! :
M377 Faramir (as Ranger of the Ithilien ) 
LR22: Bilbo Farewell's Speech 
M403: Woodman Girl with Bow
M72: Silvan Tracker

3 commentaires:

  1. Magnifiques figurines, de bien belles aventures en perspective!

  2. Merci pour l'historique :)
    Belles figs, jolie peinture

  3. @Phil et @Stéphane : Merci à mes deux fidèles lecteurs ! ( la réciproque n'est pas vraie, excusez-moi .... )