16 octobre 2020

ROHIRRIMS !!!! [Alliance – 72051 – Steppes Warriors. Set 1 (1/72) ]

 Hi gents ! 

I've had difficulties to finish to paint those 6 riders of Rohan... 

They are supposed to be "Steppes Warriors" but it's easy to see the inspiration of this (nice) set. Good figures, especially the horses. Minor conversions for the warriors with spears and I've added flags to be more "rohirrish". 

I don't know exactly what I will do in my future but I'm not sure to paint many 1/72 any more. I'm out real inspiration and motivation for what I've in stock....and I don't see new figures which make me enthusiast . I've some unfinished sets or figures so maybe I will paint them but no new project yet. 

I've also a big project with about 70 figures all painted but I'm too lazy for doing the scenery ! 

Only one thing is sure : in next posts, you will see Mithril figures, maybe it's easier (for me!)  to paint them than the 1/72 figures ? 

Well, stop blabla and now some pictures :

7 commentaires:

  1. Nice. This set (and number 1) are now among my favourite 1/72nd sets. They should also make a set of Steppes infantry

    1. Thanks Paul.
      it's really a good set I agree with you.
      (the horses are really nice ! they have some surprising details which are so small that it's impossible to see them at a normal distance ... )
      I don't how how is the set 2.
      Infantry men would be great.

  2. Réponses
    1. Merci Stéphane mais peu de conversions en fait ! les étendards sont les plus marquants ( avec des lances métalliques et des positions de bras modifiées)

  3. Encore une peinture très réussie, et les étendards ajoutent un cachet certain. J'aime beaucoup les couleurs choisies pour les robes des chevaux.

    1. Merci Phil, je suis d'accord : ce sont les étendards qui leur donnent le plus leur aspect très "rohirrish" !
      Quant aux chevaux, comme d'habitude : robes à peu près fantaisistes mais ça reste réaliste... (j'adore peindre des chevaux !)

  4. Great results Samsagace!! I like them much (i actually love too these Alliance sets as other colleagues point, they are true Art creations by themselves)